Insurance Billing + Follow Up Underpayment + Denial Solutions

Utilizing RPA technology to obtain real time claim status from payers gives us access to more detailed information, allowing us to resolve problematic claims sooner. Seamless interpretation of data and denials helps us to identify bottlenecks in our client’s receivable. Our clients receive an in-depth analysis into payer specific trends or systematic issues with tangible solutions. We take a collaborative approach when implementing our strategy and work with all departments to reduce denials. Automation assists in our payment review system, RPA identifies line-item denials on high-cost items, and our team ensures payers reimburse our clients according to contractual agreements. Payment variances will identified and resolved. Our process leads to a reduction in write-offs and an increase in revenue. Some specialized service areas requiring this attention are:


  • Mental Health Crisis Management

  • Medical Substance Abuse

  • Ambulatory Surgery

  • Chemotherapy + Radiation Oncology

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  • Hemodialysis


Maximizing reimbursement from all insurance carriers is crucial for all facilities. Effective contract management is essential in a successful provider + payer relationship. Analyzing payer trends, denials, and patterns is crucial to enforcement.