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Always Striving

We understand the complexities of today’s healthcare system and we know that the smallest details can make all the difference. With meticulous execution and mastery of these details we will fully immerse ourselves into our clients’ businesses. It is this dedication and attentiveness that will earn their absolute trust. Our clients and their patients will walk away from every interaction with our brand feeling supremely confident in our abilities. From our inception in New York in 1977, we have operated and grown successful as an organization working initially with traditional collections. Our vision, innovation, and execution has solidified our position as a leading healthcare receivable adjudication firm.


We now have over 3 decades of experience in providing exceptional services throughout the entire revenue cycle. We currently partner with over 40 hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and network hospital systems throughout the New York metropolitan area. We are minority owned and comprised of multi-lingual employees boasting a 93% minority rate, of which 79% are women. An integral part of our success is the diverse personnel on our team that collaborate with our clients. We are confident that the competitive advantages our organization demonstrates ensures we not only meet, but also exceed expectations.


Incorporating the latest RPA and machine learning capabilities throughout our solutions demonstrates we are continuously striving for excellence within our industry. Our claim follow up process, insurance discovery, account scoring and more have all been re-designed to ensure our clients benefit from cutting edge development.


Patient financial advocacy requires trust, and it takes a personal touch to get the job done. Our certified application counselors (CAC’s) are multilingual, and they have the compassion and drive to help uninsured or underinsured patients navigate state and federal health insurance marketplaces. We are there every step of the way to help patients enroll in Medicaid, qualified health plans or participate in hospital charity care programs to pay for the care they require. Our team members work with your patient’s bedside or at a location of their choosing to submit a timely and complete application on their behalf.

For over 25 years Betz Mitchell has successfully managed the billing and follow up for this financial class for our clients throughout New York. Our hyper-focused staff, proprietary software, and experienced arbitration/litigation teams work with patients and designated third parties to secure applicable benefits to ensure proper reimbursement. Leveraging RPA and custom programing reduces paper increasing our accuracy and ability to address account volume while maintaining efficient and effective workflows. Electronic submission of claims with pertinent attachments lead to faster and accurate reimbursement.

Utilizing RPA technology to obtain real time claim status from payers gives us access to more detailed information, allowing us to resolve problematic claims sooner. Seamless and rapid interpretation of data enables us to identify denials and other claims issues. Our clients receive an in-depth analysis into payer-specific trends or internal system issues with tangible solutions. We take a collaborative approach when implementing our strategy and work with all departments to reduce denials.

Our proprietary solution drives our payment review process. Leveraging RPA, we identify line-item denials on high-cost items, and our team ensures payers reimburse our clients appropriately for carve-outs in compliance with contractual agreements. Payment variances are identified, analyzed, and resolved. Our process leads to a reduction in write-offs and an increase in revenue collection. Some specialized service areas requiring this attention are:


  • Mental Health Crisis Management

  • Medical Substance Abuse

  • Ambulatory Surgery

  • Chemotherapy + Radiation Oncology

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  • Hemodialysis


Maximizing reimbursement from all insurance carriers is crucial for all facilities. Effective contract management is essential in a successful provider + payer relationship. Analyzing payer trends, denials, and patterns is crucial to enforcement.

At Betz Mitchell, we believe in always striving to be better. In that spirit, we have dedicated consultants and analysts who will evaluate workflow to find areas for improvement. We can help you seamlessly migrate patient accounting systems, provide specialized training to your staff, or supply experienced temporary staff to help you drive efficiency and stay compliant with ever-changing regulations.



  • Full-Service Accounts Receivable Management

  • Chargemaster Review

  • Clinical and Administrative Appeals

  • Agency Management

  • Implant/Drug + High-Cost Item Review

  • Hospital Estate Management + Adjudication

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities

  • Insurance Verification

  • Comprehensive Governmental Payer Review

  • Patient Financial Services Management

  • Post Payment Review

  • Self-Pay Billing and Collections

  • Workflow Development and Implementation

  • Third-Party Billing and Follow Up

  • Workers' Compensation/No-Fault Arbitration + Litigation

We work with patients to help them understand and meet their financial obligations. With a tactful approach, our multilingual self-pay collections team assists in the recovery of bad debt through charity care programs when applicable. Our team is equipped with the knowledge, skillset, and the technology to drive efficiency and achieve results while staying compliant with federal, state, and local regulations. We combine years of grassroots collection experience, with our revenue cycle management expertise. The streamlined process utilized by our team effectively evaluates an account for collection potential. Betz Mitchell employs state of the art compliant collection technology, multiple skip-tracing techniques, and will provide your organization with a team dedicated to increase your revenue collection.

Workers' Compensation + No-Fault
Billing + Follow Up

Insurance Billing + Follow Up
Payment Variance + Denial Solutions

Specialized Revenue Cycle Consulting + Management

Self-Pay Receivable Management + Legal Collections

Patient Financial Advocacy

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